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On the outskirts of the village of East Gresford nestled alongside the beautiful Allyn River is the property Camyr Allyn North. John and Judy Evers have realised their dream with the development of their vineyard on the property and the release of their estate grown Camyr Allyn Wines.

Camyr Allyn wines are sold through this on line store, selected Restaurants and David Jones Stores in NSW.

The History.

In 1826 a Welshman, named Charles Boydell took up a government grant for land on the picturesque Allyn River at East Gresford in the Hunter Valley. He named the property Camyr Allyn after his home in Wales.

Difficult conditions confronted him over the years, clearing land establishing successful crops of wheat, corn, tobacco, raising sheep, cattle, dairying, building dwellings and mills.

In 1833 Boydell established what was to become one of the earliest of many celebrated vineyards on the Allyn and Patterson Rivers. Many varieties were planted but the most prized were the Black Hermitage and Verdelho.

In 1849 he became a member of the Hunter River Vineyard Association along with his neighbour Dr Henry Lindeman of Cawarra. In May 1851 he was elected President.

Camyr Allyn, Cawarra, Caergwrle, Colstoun, Trevallyn, Clevedon, Lewinsbrook, Orindinna, Torryburn all had vineyards many winning prizes overseas for their wines. Charles Boydell died at Camyr Allyn in 1869 aged 61. He was highly respected and esteemed by all. A magistrate and a member of the District Council he took an active part in public matters. The Boydell involvement in Camyr Allyn ended in 1911 and around this time the vineyards had faded away.